Admission without Cast Validity


Admission without Cast Validity

For admission to academic year 2018-19 for admission to vacations studies reserve category are not need to provide caste validity certificate. Though students have to provide the caste validity certificate before completing admission process.

Caste verification committee has so many application for caste validity certificate. Therefore Government provide some extension for admission to students. So that many students can get their caste validity certificates.

For this state government request to make changes in schedule caste. schedule tribe, Vimukta jati, tribal caste, other backward caste & special backward caste rule , 2000 (2001 Maha 23). And Governer accepts this request.

Students have to have to provide acknowledgement for applications to caste validity while admission process. But while taking admission students have to provide the caste validity certificate. If students fail to provide the caste validity then possibly reserve category students admission may get cancelled. This rule is only applicable for 2018-19 admission process.

Admission without Cast Validity

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