Final week preparation tips for CAT 2019 aspirants


Hardly a few days are remaining for the CAT 2019 examination. It’s the time when you have to prepare yourself for the examination day. Apart from your preparation months, final preparation weeks are also crucial. In this article, we’ll mention the best final preparation tips for all the CAT aspirants.

According to the toppers and experts, students should keep on revising the topics and in the finals weeks. Apart from all this, you should be physically prepared. Make sure you stay calm and away from all the unfortunate situations. You have to keep your admit card and proofs ready for the examination day. When it comes to preparation, a simple revision would be much better than learning complex topics. Make sure you sleep well and eat healthy and fresh food.

  • Last-minutes preparation tips for CAT 2019
  • Revise the topics

Revision is the best preparation strategy during the final preparation weeks. Start revising all your notes and sharpen the basics which you have learnt before. Revision makes your basics clear for the examination day. Apart from that, you are ready to attempt all the challenging questions.

You have to revise all the formulas, topics, notes and figures in the final preparation weeks. Many students avoid revising the topics and end up failing in the examination. Therefore to be at a safer side, start revising all the topics at the earliest.

  • Start practicing questions

Apart from revision, revision is also an important aspect of CAT preparation. You should start practicing the crucial questions from the mock tests. Try to gather all the questions which are repeated in the previous year. Start solving all such problems accurately at the earliest.

By solving such questions, you’ll not have a fear of losing marks while solving complex questions. The tips and tricks for solving complex questions will stay in your mind on the examination day. The best way for practicing is to solve the previous year question paper once again. Try to solve the maximum problems from the question papers. We all know that practicing is the key to success for the CAT examination.

  • Attempt one mock test

Now, you might be shocked while thinking about mock tests in the final week. In the final week, you don’t have to strain yourself much. In the last weeks, only attempt one mock test after a lot of revision and practice sessions. After attempting the mock test, analyze the report attentively.

This will be the last time where you can find out your strong and weak areas. Make sure you take that mock test in your comfort zone and both the pattern and structure should be same as CAT. Attempting one mock test in the final weeks builds a necessary momentum for the CAT examination.

  • Avoid learning new topics

Experts and toppers always say that aspirants shouldn’t focus on any new topic. But many aspirants think that learning new topics will also help them on the examination day. This is the biggest mistake which many test-takers do in their final preparation weeks. Never learn a new topic because you’ll not be able to grasp the concept appropriately. You already have learnt many concepts and figures; therefore, don’t focus on new topics.

Don’t worry; you can comfortably leave few topics. But never select questions which belong from your weak areas. Attempting such questions is not a better choice. Never start with the new topics, be consistent with what you have learnt in your previous preparation months. But, if the unprepared topic carries high weightage of marks, then only grasp the basics to enhance your percentile.

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