Nashik Mahanagar Palika Recruitment 2019


Nashik Mahanagarpalika Recruitment 2019

In Nashik Mahanagarapalika soon mega recruitment is going to start. This recruitment is based on the next years Vidhansabha elections. By this recruitment at first phase contractual recruitment & on hired basis recruitment basis will be conduct. For filling up the vacant posts recruitment at State level recruitment process will be conduct. Regarding this mahapalika submit an report in which the details of the vacant seats are mention.

In Mahapalika currently there is need of worker, angalwadi sevika, pest control etc posts are working on contractual recruitment basis. Instead of these there are thousand number of vacancies are available to get fill up. Recruitment to these vacant posts will be start soon. Government is planning to conduct the recruitment process before the start of elections.

During the calculation, it was found that there is nearly 1 thousand vacancies of the various posts are available. To fill up these vacant seat, soon the recruitment process will get start. Recruitment to these vacant posts will get start soon in next year as expected. The Mega recruitment in Maharashtra is expected to be get start in next years. As a part of it, Nashik Mahanagarapaliak is also going to conduct the recruitment process to fill up the vacant seats.

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