Talathi Bharti – 5000 Posts


Talathi Bharti – 5000 Posts

Talathi Recruitment 2020: As per the latest 5000 vacant posts will be filled in the all over state. Seven-twelve excerpts, various workloads along with the records, have been exacerbated at present. As a result, various schemes of the government are delaying the reach of the farmers, completion of the work related to the schemes. The question is being raised as to when the Talath is will be recruited.

There are 12 thousand 636 posts of Talathi in the state. Of them, 10 thousand 340 are working. Rural areas have a responsibility to solve the problems related to agriculture and related issues. There is a sentence of two to four villages. In one sentence, one Talathi carries two to four villages. Prime Minister Kisan is also seeking information on the work of Honor Scheme.

तलाठ्यांची ५ हजार पदे रिक्त

They have to work to implement the new government schemes at the village level. The government will also work on the loan waiver plan announced by the government. The workload on the Board of Revenue has started to increase. In many places, the works of seven times, eight excerpts were kept. The computerization of the seventh edition is in the final stage. There are many technical issues.

Talathi Career 2020

In view of the increase in the work of the Revenue Department in view of the increasing population and increasing citizenship in the State, the Government has created 3 thousand 165  new pool equipment in the State. The creation of new posts will help to increase the manpower and solve the working problems. In this, 3 thousand and 165  posts were approved. It had announced that it would recruit around 20% every year. However, he has not been admitted for three years.

राज्यातील तलाठी

तलाठी संख्या – १२ हजार ६३६
कार्यरत तलाठी – १० हजार ३४०
रिक्त पदे – २ हजार २९६
दृष्टिक्षेपात आकडे

नव्याने तयार झालेले सजे – ३ हजार १६५
नवीन सजेसाठी तलाठी पदे – ३ हजार  १६५
नवीन मंडलाधिकारी पदे – ५२८
मंडलाधिकारी पदे

एकूण पदे – २१०६
रिक्त पदे – १९०

5000 Posts Vacant In Talathi Bharti

The posts were to be filled in four years between the years of 2016 to 2019. The government could not fill the post because the government did not approve the posts. Talathis have to take over additional villages. Obviously there are problems with working. The schemes coming from the government do not reach the farmers without divisions. Due to the vacant posts, the work of various schemes is progressing slowly. The village is jam packed with computerized records of seven twelve slopes and various records.

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