CAP Round 4 List DTE Maharashtra Engineering Admission 2016


CAP Round 4 Allotment DTE Maharashtra Engineering Admission 2016 – 2017

Display of Provisional Allotment of CAP Round­4 in the Admission process of Engineering Stream in Maharashtra is given on this page. Candidates can check their Position in the merit list of DTE Maharashtra CAP Round 4 Merit list, Position in the List. The Final Merit list is already Published by DTE Now Candidates are waiting for CAP Round 4. This round is very important for the students appearing for the admission process.


Provisional Allotment of CAP Round – IV can be check online from the Admission Result / Engineering Admission / Admission Related links.

CAP Round 1 Allotment List 2016

Dear Students, Allotment of CAP Round II Link is  Now Given below, But it has some technical errors,, Still its not showing Proper Details… So please Try After Some time.. . Keep Visiting…


Allotments CAP Round 1, CAP Round 2

Details of CAP Round 1, First CAP Round 1, Round 2 of admission process 2016 – 2017. candidates can Find their admission status through this CAP Round Status. The Details will be available today after 5.00 PM. We have given a links to check the CAP Round details from this page. You have to go through the applicable links and check your status in this CAP round 1 list after that the Round 2 Details will be available.

CAP Round 2 Details

Todays date is for the CAP Round 1, After that the CAP Round 2 will be available on 8th July 2016. on same page.

CAP Round 1 List DTE Maharashtra Engineering Admission 2016
CAP Round 1 List DTE Maharashtra Engineering Admission 2016
Display of Provisional Allotment of CAP Round­2 07/07/2016 07/07/2016 Up to 5.00PM
  1. purva says

    its already 5pm why there is not list displayed yet ?

    1. Neeraj says

      Ya… I’m also waiting from 1 hour..

    2. Suraj veer says

      Upto 5pm…

    3. pritesh says

      Allotment of CAP Round I is delayed due to technical reason & will be declared shortly

    4. Himayu says

      Because of they r Not set our Watch time ??

      1. Amol says

        Yes u are right humayu they do not have the watches that we wear or probably they do not have watches ???

    5. Shirish Patil says

      Why Cap 1 list is not displayed yet?

      1. Rasika says

        Its already 3pm why their is not list displayed yet???????????

    6. Vrishabh says

      There is some technical issues.

    7. suyog Arun Mhatre says

      Cap round 4 list

  2. Sagar says

    I am checking from morning and its 5.29pm . There’s no list out yet.

  3. dheer says

    Why the cap round 1 result is not coming…its already 5pm

  4. Mohini says

    Thanks… I Got It Finally on the site… I was searching from today Morning…


    1. nikita says

      Which is that site mohini…plzz tell me

    2. ayrin says

      can u tell me on the site which is the link for CAP round I allotment list

      1. Vinesh says

        Tell me where to find the list. I logged in, it doesn’t say anything about the list.

      2. Tushar says

    3. Vaibhav says


    4. payal says

      please can u help me ……..from which site i can get the cap round 1 result

    5. Dishant says

      Where did you find it exactly? I cannot really see it. Please help.

    6. Dipak says

      how you get the link

    7. Bhavna says

      pls give me link…….. m not getting it from above link………..

      1. karan mali says

        It’s up to 9

    8. hemant says

      Can you please post the link in reply .


    9. Anup says

      What is the link

    10. shivani says

      pliz can u give me the link.

  5. nikita says

    When will u display provisional allotment for cap round 1????we are eagerly waiting for it

  6. Neeraj says

    Hey yar please give us a correct time when the cap 1 result list ll published….

  7. nidhi says

    It’s almost 6 where’s the cap round 1 list?

  8. Avinashsingh says

    Hi, If anyone is having link of CAP round 1 results please share

  9. Neeraj says

    Hey, yar please give us a correct time when the cap 1 result list ll published….

  10. Aniket mali says

    It’s already 5pm why cap round 1 result is coming…

  11. rob says

    please send link my link does not work,

  12. Jay says

    This is 6:20PM now, Still result is not declared.

  13. Jay says

    What is going on?? WHy result is not declared??

  14. revati says

    Kaise dekhane ka cap round-1 result for engineering first year

  15. Mohini says

    From above given link…

    1. chinmay pimple says

      which link??

    2. Vaibhav says

      If you are lying , then dont do this. The above lists show the seat distribution , not our result. no offense .

    3. shubham says

      where is the LINK

    4. payal says

      where is the link….. please can u send me a link

    5. Sneha C Kitture says

      which link ……plz tell once more…..plz….

      1. Kajal Ranawat says

        This website is best for you

    6. shiv says

      i didn’t get link from this page

    7. payal says

      please 1 bar link type krdo

    8. Bhavna says

      can u pls tell the link…….. m not getting the list from above link

    9. amit singh says

      dont lie

  16. Prashik says

    I cant access the list.. ..
    how to check…!? plss tell…..

  17. aditya says

    please give a link…

  18. Aditya says

    Which website…

  19. viraj says

    kamino ab 7:00 ho gaye hai…aur abtak nhi aaya

  20. sachin says

    Can you provide the Link, i don’t find it here

  21. sms says

    5 not 7 o clock not yet came it will come or not

  22. saurav gajbhiye says

    why the result r getting late,is thier any system failure please clarify or when it will be available on DTE Site

  23. SRB says

    please send the link… i cant find any link above….

  24. Anil says

    how to see allotment of CAP Roud 1

  25. suraj says

    Kindly send d link pls

  26. pritu says

    Plss provide me link for the checking of allotment for cap round . ..plssss

  27. Karan says

    Which above link? Please post the link in comments. _/\_

  28. omkar says

    please mail me the link for cap round one…..normally used link is not working

  29. Sourabh says

    Please send me the link of cap 1 list.

  30. nikita says

    Dte is going to display allotment list of cap-1 tomorrow at at 11 pm

    1. Krishna says

      How do you know? Where is it written please give link.

  31. Shreyas says

    why the list is not uploaded yet its 9 PM now

  32. snehal gubyad says

    how we can see which college i have got…………

  33. snehal gubyad says

    how can I see which college I have got along with my name….plz tell me someone..

  34. Sagar says

    Any idea about cap -1 link

  35. dhinchak says

    majak laga rakha hai.
    koi link available nahi hai.

  36. vanita says

    Please` show link

  37. vanita says

    Please show link its already 10pm

  38. Sairaj says

    Its11.00 pm till this time cap1list is not published. We lost one day from our schedule.

  39. Pallavi says

    Why the list is so delayed, yet its 11pm

  40. Aishwarya says

    Tomorrw 11 pm how is this possible?
    is it delayed this much late?

  41. […] CAP Round 1 Allotment List 2016 […]

  42. Aishwarya says

    Please show the link…………….

  43. Manjeet says

    I have 102265 Rank in AI merit list which colleges I can expect ?

    1. know-it-all says

      None in Mumbai.

    2. know-it-all says

      None at Mumbai, provided you aren’t trying management seats.

  44. divyesh says

    they have surprise for us…..

  45. nikita says

    It is because of some technical problems…nd dte is going to display it shortly

  46. Hi says

    But when

    1. nikita says

      Today upto 11 a.m

  47. Sid says

    What the hell is going on!! Technical errors everywhere!!

  48. hitesh says

    Thanks for the link

  49. Adar$h says

    Cap round ki list kab lagegi yaro!!!

  50. Prasad says

    27/06/2016 complete second day start but not displayed I tell mi exactly time to first CAP round to published

  51. prachi says

    radio mein batate hai 30 june ko first round hoga or newspaper kehta hai 28 june ko results declare honge….wats d mattr ….kuch samaj nahi aata…

  52. know-it-all says

    Another lie.
    Don’t be sure it will.

  53. know-null says

    chill man it will be out by 3:00 pm

  54. hello says

    hey its 10 am and its still not coming out

  55. Balasaheb says

    when allotment of cap round 1 will be declaryed by u ….. it is already 10;30

  56. manjeet says

    Any body who hve checked for allotmnt above do u get any seat alloted ?

  57. Aniket mali says

    Please send me a link for cap round

  58. karan mali says

    But when

  59. Chetan says

    Cap ki list kaha gyi aur kitna time..

  60. Priya says

    Height of carelessness seriously are v mad to wait over here since yesterday???

  61. gauri says

    where is the link

  62. tushar says

    dte is soooo fool

  63. sam says

    they are playing with us.

  64. Hi says

    It is upto 3.00 pm

    1. sagar says

      Aaj 5bsje tak

  65. Hiii says

    It is upto 3.00 pm

  66. Sahil says

    Increase an hours and display after
    12pm to 1pm to 2pm and then 3pm. Mazak hai sab rankers are waiting

  67. Bhupendra rathod says

    plzz show the1st cap round today

  68. shivu says

    give me link plz

  69. Poonam says

    At 10am, I got to see my CAP round 1 result. I was been allotted a college. But now when I login, it shows no college allotted.
    What is the problem exactly?
    Which result should be considered?

  70. ayush says

    i enterd my application no and dob in the above link it shows that i didint get a college but according to last year cut off i should whats happening was it fake or what ?

  71. aniket says

    if not allotted in cap 1 is there any problem . I have got 138 marks and have filled vjti; spit ; dj sanghvi ; tsec; kj somaiya ; fr angel ; coep . CD and it field of all colleges . will I get a seat in above colleges and in which round . plz reply its making me so stressed.

  72. vinay says

    Please display the list ASA soon as possible it is taking lots of time we can’t waste time from our given schedule

  73. Chetan badhe says

    Are KB aayga , saala KB se wait kar raha hu

  74. ann says

    After 3pm..hope they don’t keep us dragging

  75. Vijay k deore says

    Its3:00 pm till this time cap1list is not published.

  76. nikita says

    its already 3 pm

  77. pratzz says

    its already 3pm when is the list going to be displayed?

  78. Rasika says

    its already 3pm

  79. Sup says

    GREAT!!Now they delayed it to 5pm!!

  80. Hiii says

    They had given a msg they’ll display after 5.00 pm

  81. Krishna says

    Now 5pm they say

    1. aniket says

      see my question above . will u answer it?

  82. Krishnaa says

    Now 5pm they said

  83. vaibhav says

    what is probleame

  84. aniket says

    its 5 pm now

  85. know-null says

    it won’t come until 6 pm

  86. Prasad says

    Oh kya hora hya …..

  87. ann says

    Haha..will the cap 1 be declared today.. I doubt..

    1. ayush says

      so do i now i evn have a doubt on result :p

  88. shivani says

    will there be any cap 1 today.its 3:30 now

  89. shivu says

    will there be any cap round today.its 3:40 now

  90. aniket says

    time is over but no link was available

  91. unknown says

    when is the result coming…….why are the making so much suspense…they are very slow yar

  92. Tarang says

    This is the 8th time since yesterday 5 pm, the CAP 1 declaration is deferred. running out of patience

  93. aniket says

    12 baje _1, 2,, 3, kya majak laga k raha ahe kya?

  94. pranali says

    ohhhhh goddddddd………… when will be d cap round 1 declared

  95. Dipak says

    do not tell lie

  96. shahbaz says

    dear all aspirant,……
    Waite till 5.00 pm of 28 June 2016….Just 15 min to go……..

    and DTE yet not displayed any link for cap round 1…..
    so someone telling lie….

    plz keep patience

  97. abhijeet bolke says

    what shuld a candidate do if he/she is not alloted a seat in cap round 1 …. plzz rply fast frndzz

  98. Akshay says

    when the result will declaired?

    1. Department says


  99. pratik lokhande says

    There is1 reasone n. …that is ki bohat jada barish hori hai in maha thats why yar…..barish bhi jaruru hai…..yarrrr
    So keep kalm n wait n hr…..

  100. Deokate vaibhav Ramchandra says


  101. ANAND SINGH says


  102. sanket says

    when second cap round announced plz send info

  103. Vinay joshi says

    why govt.are not announcing dte cap round seat allotment list

  104. PRAKASH PATIL says

    please send the link , i want to fill the form & briefly send the procedure how to apply

  105. know-null says

    “The candidate can choose slide/float only once after cap 1 allotment.”
    What do they mean by that?

  106. Satish Chandak says

    CAP Round 2 Allotment DTE Maharashtra Engineering Admission 2016 – 2017 was scheduled on 7th July 2016.

    Now it is 4.30 pm still there is no display.

    1. Department says

      Will Be Available after 5.30 PM….

      1. aniket says

        its more than 7:30 now

      2. Akshay Shinde says


  107. parth says

    what is this ………what the DTE doing it is already pm and the cap 2 list is not avaliable

  108. MILAN says

    when result will declare of CAP round 2

  109. shashank says

    When will b cap 2 results displayed ?

  110. Chetan kadam says

    Is it gonna come.
    Maybe like last time its gonna get postpond.

  111. tanay says

    wht is it yar its 6:21 and yet list is not displayed

  112. Aditi says

    Is cap roundII list is declared or not?

  113. kiran laxman powar says

    Why u have not displayed the allotement list?It is 7 pm now.

  114. Vishal says

    It’s gonna be 8 pm…only 4 hrs left to dawn 2marow. Will it be publishing by 2night???

  115. spatil says

    when is cap round2 announced its so late now

  116. Ketan Bhalerao says

    I still cant see the Cap 2 list
    Any Ideas Friends ?

  117. Rohit says

    Technica board should hire some good enginners to develop a good website…………………………………Chu…… nd also the system…………………………

  118. pushpak says

    when is cap 2 result

  119. Aryan Raj says

    When will allotment for cap round 2 be declared?

  120. Anjali Ratate says

    its nearly 8:00 pm still not showing

  121. know-null says

    it will be displayed like last time (late), with the exception that it might be displayed today, else it will waste a day from schedule.

  122. kajal patel says

    when the result will be declared of second round?

  123. sandhya Deshpande says

    Why cap round2 not disply till 8.15 p. m

    1. Department says

      Provisional Allotment of CAP Round – II will be displayed on 08/07/2016 after 2.00 PM at

  124. SUHAS says

    is there any change in date of CAP second round list 2016?

    1. Department says

      Yes… Provisional Allotment of CAP Round – II will be displayed on 08/07/2016 after 2.00 PM at

      1. SUHAS says


  125. sandhya Deshpande says

    I got admission in cap1 .i use foate option. If i got another college in cap2 then is it necessary to freeze it.

    1. know-null says


    2. Raj says

      Yes! U must, if you have got ur expected better option.

    3. Raj says

      It is necessary to freeze it if you think you have got the better college in round 2.
      But then u will nt be able to opt for next rounds.
      Please read the instructions goven on dte website carefully.

    4. Akshay says

      Cap round-2 decleardin 07/jule/2016

  126. Prajakta Kulkarni says

    Why cap 2 list is not displayed

  127. vaibhav kale says

    aamala Kay mental samajata ka shikshan matri

    are nay jamat tar sodun de na pad

    kashala studentsla tras detay

    kashala boltay aay technical error udya lavu

    udya manta aaj net problem

    are amala Kay yedzav samjalas Kay re tu

  128. Pranit says

    Mat dikhav ye list…..:-)



  130. Nikita says

    Why cap round second not displayed

  131. PRAVIN MAYANE says



  132. shubahm says

    when will the cap round 2 result be declared???
    it’s 5;30 now

  133. DEEPALI MORE says


  134. shivputra darur says

    It already 6.10 pm why cap round II display is late.

  135. Prajakta Kulkarni says

    Why cap 2 list was not displayed still?

  136. indrayani says

    Why the result of cap round 2nd is not desplayed till 7pm
    Where it is going to desplay?

  137. shreedhar says

    Its already 7 pm when was 2 cap round list will be going to publish

  138. Anjali Ratate says

    when cap round 2 will be displayed???

  139. priya says

    It’s already 8pm…is there any changes in cap round 2 results

  140. alosh says

    Majak samaj rakha hai kya
    Cap round 2 result kab lagayenge

  141. Harshal says

    Why cap round 2 not disply till 9.24 pm

  142. Janhvi trivedi says

    अरे भाई dte वालो थोड़ा हम स्टूडेंट्स पर दया करो please 7 जुलाई गई और 8 जुलाई भी ख़त्म होने को है ।
    अब बोलते हो की दस बजे आएगी लिस्ट भाई कौन तब तक आपका कोई जागा रहेगा क्या भाई ।
    प्लीज सर/mam आप जो भी है प्लीज अब तो 10 ही सही पर दिखा दो लिस्ट को

  143. bhagyshri says

    how much time r left for cap second2 round plse tell mi??????????

    1. Raj says

      Its declared just now. Log in & see. Best Wishes!

  144. ashu says

    How many time are lift to the 2nd round provisional list

  145. Randhir says

    Allotted in CAP-1 but not allotted in CAP-2 what will happen? I will get the college from cap-1 or i am eligible for cap -3……please reply

    1. know-null says

      you have your cap 1 seat, also you are eligible for cap 3.

  146. Isha says

    I scored 87 marks in MH-CET I want Mechanical branch. But I’m not alloted in CAP 1 & 2 . I am so afraid because my friends having less marks than me got admissions. Should I wait for 3rd round? Please reply. 🙁

  147. deepa says

    Please help me, I am selected in CAP 1 but category was not OBC (i belong to OBC category). I was told 2nd round it will be corrected. In 2nd round there is same position for me as in CAP 1. Though category is updated now to OBC. Whom should i contact for the information and help.

  148. Isha says

    I’m waiting for your reply. Pleases help meeee why I am not getting seat

    1. know-null says

      You did not get any betterment in seat so you will have to wait for cap 3.

    2. Akshay says

      Why not getting Seat


    y there is no least displayed yet..??????


    y there is no least displayed yet…?


    i m waiting 4 list plese help me………..

  152. priyanshi v gosavi says

    5010’gov poly

  153. Anand Sunka says

    Hi Readers,
    My Neice name has not listed in all the Provisional Allotment Rounds from I to IV, where he has scored 60% in Sceince and 53% in CET exam.

    Can someone shed some light on this, why his name has not listed even in IV list.

    Any comments really appreciated

    Anand Sunka

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