B.Ed Syllabus 2021

B.Ed Syllabus 2021

B.Ed Syllabus 2021 :After clearing the exam, candidates go through a rigorous course curriculum which instills in them the spirit of teaching. The syllabus ranges from the methods of teaching and inculcating good culture in students to understanding the latest tech advancements in the field and implementing them.

  • The course curriculum is mainly divided into Core Courses, Pedagogy Courses, and other topics which work towards increasing a teacher’s involvement in the field.
  • NCERT has formaulated B.Ed syllabus to boost quality teacher education in India. This syllabus is divided into 3 sections: Perspectives in Education, Curriculum and Pedagogic Studies, and Engagement with the field.

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B.Ed Subjects in IGNOU

The B.Ed subjects in IGNOU for the 2 year duration of the course are shown in the table below.

First Year
Core Courses Methodology Courses Practical Courses
Childhood and Growing Up Pedagogy of Science Workshop Based Activities
Contemporary India and Education Pedagogy of Social Science Reading and Reflecting on the Texts
Learning and Teaching Pedagogy of Mathematics Application of ICT
Language Across the Curriculum Pedagogy of English Internship 1
Understanding Disciplines and Subjects Pedagogy of Hindi
Second Year
Core Courses Optional Courses Practical Courses
Knowledge and Curriculum Open and Distance Education Workshop Based Activities
Assessment for Learning Guidance and Counselling Drama and Art in Education
Creating an Inclusive School Adolescence and Family Education Understanding the Self and Yoga
Gender, School and Society Vocational Education Internship 2
Information and Communication Technology

The B.Ed. course curriculum offers both core courses and elective courses along with a provision of Practicals and Internship Opportunities. The tables below shows the syllabus for this course semester wise, have a look.

B.Ed Syllabus: Semester Wise

B.Ed is a 2-year course which enables you to pursue a course in teaching and learn all the nuances and challenges which you might face before becoming a professional teacher in any school or other institutions. To succeed in this mission, the course curriculum integrates the real-life scenarios with the B.Ed subjects developed over long periods.

Inclusion of topics like Childhood, Adloescence, Self-Determination, and even Contemporary Education in India makes sure that all the aspects are covered. Listed below are the topics which are included by most of the top B.Ed colleges in India in their course curriculum. These tables have been organized with B.Ed subjects in the semester wise form.

Semester 1

Course/Paper Subjects of Study
Childhood and Growing Up Learner as a Developing Individual
Development and Learning
Understanding Childhood in a Socio-cultural perspective
Adolescence: Issues and Concerns
Stages of Child Development: Implications for Teachers
Contemporary India and Education Contemporary India
Constitutional Provisions and Education
Policy Framework for Development of Education in India
Initiatives of Government of India
Contemporary Indian Education: Concerns and Issues
Language across the Curriculum Language Background of Students
Nature of Classroom Discourse
Informational Reading and Writing
Pedagogy of Subjects Social Science
Biological Science
Physical Science
Understanding ICT and its Applications Introduction to ICT
ICT and Pedagogy
ICT for Assessment and Management

Apart from the subjects taught from books and in the practicals, some colleges also give opportunities to aspiring teachers to get some school exposure. This is also considered as a part of the B.Ed curriculum and holds weightage in the final evaluation.

Semester 2

Course/Paper Subjects of Study
Learning and Teaching Understanding the Learner
Understanding Learning
Learning in ‘Constructivist’ Perspective
Understanding Teaching
Teaching as a Profession
Knowledge and Curriculum Knowledge and Knowing
Forms of Knowledge and its organization in Schools
Curriculum Determinants and Considerations
Curriculum Development
Curriculum Implementation and Renewal
Assessment for Learning Assessment and Evaluation: An Overview
Context of Assessment
Assessment Procedure
Data Analysis, Feedback, and Reporting
Pedagogy of Subjects Social Science
Biological Science
Physical Science
School Attachment

Semester 3

Course/Paper Subjects of Study
Engagement with the Field: Tasks Tasks and Assignments in different Courses
School Internship
Courses on Enhancing Professional Capacities

Semester 4

Course/Paper Subjects of Study
Post Internship
Gender, School and Society Gender Issues: Key Concepts
Socialization Processes in India: Family, School and Society
Creating Gender Inclusive Classroom
Reading and Reflecting on Texts Read the prescribed Stories
Essays/Excerpts from Literary Texts
Essays/Excerpts from Educational and Scientific Texts
Arts in Education Visual Art and Craft
Performing Arts: Dance, Music, Theatre and Puppetry
Theory: Appreciation of Art
Understanding the Self Understanding of Self
Development of Professional Self and Ethics
Role of Teacher in Developing Understanding of Self among Learners
Creating an Inclusive School Understanding Inclusion in Education
Understanding physical, psychological and social-cultural diversity
Addressing Learners’ Diversity
Health, Yoga and Physical education Health Education
Physical Education

B.Ed: Books

Some of the popular B.Ed books required during the course period and also for the preparation of entrance exams are:

  • Delhi University B.Ed JEE
  • The Philosophical Bases of Education: Rusk
  • Shiksha Darshan: R.S. Pandey
  • Psychology: Anmol Publishers
  • Child Development: EP Hurlock
  • Principals and Methods of Teaching: JC Agarniai
  • Methods and Techniques of Teaching: SK Kochhar

B.Ed Syllabus for Entrance Exam

There are various entrance exams which are conducted for admissions in the top B.Ed colleges in India. The top exams include IGNOU B.Ed, IPU CET and BHU UET.

  • The B.Ed. syllabus for entrance exams mainly comprises questions related to General Studies (including General Knowledge, Science, History, Geography, etc.), Aptitude, and other questions commonly asked in other entrance exams.
  • The syllabus of these exams also focusses on Comprehension questions and other topics related to General Awareness.
  • To prepare for these exams, the top B.Ed books include those published by Arihant, R. Gupta’s, and B.Ed. JEE from Delhi University.

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