RTMNU Nagpur University Nagpur Syllabus Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com) Semester VI Advanced Statistics

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RTM Nagpur University B.Com Six Semester New Revised Syllabus is given below for Downloading. The students can Download the respective Syllabus from following given details. Just go through the given links & read the given syllabus carefully. Nagpur University Third Year New Semester Online Detail syllabus given below.

R.T.M. Nagpur University, Nagpur
Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com) Semester VI
Advanced Statistics

Unit I
Correlation- Types of correlation, Karl Pearson‟s coefficient of correlation in Bivariate frequency table, probable error, interpretation of „r‟, Rank Correlation Method.

Unit II
Regression Analysis- Lines of Regression/Regressions Equation, Coefficient of regression for a Bivariate frequency table.

Unit III
Index Number- Uses of Index Number & its, Types and Important. Unweighted Index Number (Simple Aggregative, Simple Average of Price Relative) Weighted Index Number (Weighted Aggregative I. N, Laspeyre‟s, Paasche, Dorbish & Bowley‟s, Fisher‟s Ideal, and Marshall & Edgeworth Method.) Weighted Average of Price relatives Test on consistency of Index No.- Time Reversal Test, Factor Reversal Test, Cost of living Index No.

Unit IV
Time series Analysis-Introduction components of a Time seriesa) Trend b) Short Term Variation c) Irregular variation d) Measurement of Trend- (Simple Problems) Graphic Methods ,Methods of Seminar, Methods of Curve by the square Methods of Moving Average

Books Recommended:
1. Ajay Goel, Alka Goal: Mathematics & Statistics (Taxmann)
2. Elhance D.N : Fundamentals of Statistics
3. Asthana B.N. Applied Statistics in India
4. Gupta S.P: Statistical Method
5. Gupta S.G. & Kapoor V.K.: Fundamentals of Applied Statistics
6. Dr. P. Fating, Dr. V. Bagde, M. Gulhane: “Advanced Statistics” – Sir Sahitya Kendra.





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